QUESTION:  What's new?

ANSWER:  In late December, 2020, I added to this website hundreds of photos taken in September, October, November, and December of 2020. Photos taken in recent years are  organized by month. In each month's gallery the photos are in chronological order.

(The "Chisholm Trail Parkway Bridge Monument Mosaics" gallery is the current slideshow in the lower right corner of this page.)

Gordon C. Henry Photography--Nature Photography and More

Most of the photos in this website were taken in Fort Worth, Texas. They are organized in folders and galleries. Clicking on a folder will open it. The photos are inside the galleries. Here you can view my photos. If ever you wish, you can also order prints, birthday cards, greeting cards, and other products.

Gordon C. Henry Photography

View photo galleries. If you wish, order prints, birthday cards, greeting cards, or other products.

The American writer and photographer Eudora Welty once wrote, “A good snapshot stops a moment from running away.” In recent years I have walked thousands of miles on the Trinity Trails, a network of trails in the Fort Worth area, trails for walkers and bicycle riders, trails that often trace both sides of the Trinity River. Many of my favorite photos were taken on the Trinity Trails. Others were taken in various other special Texas settings. While taking photographs in such places, I am simply trying to keep some precious moments from running away.

I built this SmugMug Pro website on my own. I am trying to provide you (friends, relatives, and others) a way to view these photos. In addition, if ever you wish to order any prints of my photos or other products based on my photos, I am making that possible. I have often been asked where people could view my photos or order them. To that question I finally have an answer. Please consider telling others about (Gordon C. Henry Photography). I plan to add photos to this website from time to time. Enjoy!   Gordon C. Henry 

Slideshow: Chisholm Trail Parkway Bridge Monument Mosaics

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